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Glossary of Aikido Terms

The Basics    

Aikido - the way of harmony with Ki (universal life force)
Dojo - practice hall  (lit. "the place of the way")  
Gi - practice uniform, also called Keikogi  
Sensei - teacher  (lit. "the one who has gone before")  
Sempai - senior student  
Kohai - junior student  
Seiza - sitting on the feet  
Kiza - sitting on the toes  
Kyu - beginner's rank, starts at 5 th kyu and progresses through 1st kyu  
Dan - graded or black belt rank, starts at 1 st dan, progresses through 10th dan  
Kamiza - front of the dojo, with O'Sensei photo  (lit. "where the spirit sits")  
Nage (n.) - partner who executes technique  
Uke (u.) - partner who attacks & receives technique  
Ukemi - the art of attacking and receiving techniques, falling, and rolling  
Omote - directed to the front side of uke  
Ura - directed to the back side of uke  
Tachiwaza - techniques from the standing position  
Suwariwaza - techniques from sitting position  
Hanmi-handachi - nage sitting, uke standing  
Irimi - entering movement  
Tenkan - pivoting movement    


Aihanmi - nage &  uke have opposite side feet forward    
Gyakuhanmi - nage & uke have same side feet forward  
Katatetori - single-handed grab to wrist
Morotetori - two-handed grab of forearm  
Ryotetori - both wrists grabbed from the front  
Katatori - single-handed grab to shoulder  
Shomenuchi - frontal strike to forehead  
Yokomenuchi - diagonal strike to side of head  
Tsuki - thrust or punch  
Ushiro-ryotetori - both wrists grabbed from behind  
Ushiro-katatori - both shoulders grabbed from behind
Ushiro-kubishime - wrist grab from behind + neck lock  
Ushiro-eridori - collar grabbed from behind

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